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Legends of Moonstone

Moonstone or Feldspar is considered a good luck stone.  It is also believed to give lovers the ability to foretell the future.  Legend has it that the stone must be placed in the mouth while the moon is full.
 According to legend, if you buy your loved one a moonstone you will love them forever, that you will not be able to help yourself.
Moonstone is associated with the Goddess, Diana.  The milky white opalescent stone has a small white spot that appears during the new moon and it gradually moves towards the stone's center, growing larger as the moon becomes fuller in the sky.
 Moonstone is also known as a 'wish stone' and can bring insight to the wearer.  It is also used to dispel negativity.
 Some of the rainbow feldspar is the prettiest and it may have infractions or inclusions inside.
 Moonstone was an extremely popular stone in the 1930's and is very popular today.

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Origins of Amber

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